The vision of IMBA Italy is to preserve and improve the mountain bike experience in a sustainable way whilst respecting the environment.


Improving the lives of people with better health, climate and economy by creating a link between man and nature through the practice of mountain bike and at the same time keeping a low impact on the environment.
To facilitate the collaboration between people, associations and organizations by providing support to local organizations (both public and private) for the maintenance and creation of sustainable trails through training, organization of events and consultancy.
To guarantee an easy access to stunning and sustainable mountain bike trails from easily accessibile trails to iconic experiences in the wilderness.
Working to help Italy to become a mountain bike friendly Country, increasing the diversity of cycling and the quality of MTB communities.

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Imba e Natisone Bike Arena

1 Respect nature
2. Plan your riding
3.Stay on the trail
4. Avoid the trails in case of mud
5.Don’t modify the trail track without permission
6. Respect other users of the trail
7. Be careful while riding
8. Give way correctly
9. Overtake others with respect
10. Support the associations that maintain the trails


IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) is a non-profit association based in the United States. Founded in 1988 it quickly becomes a reference point for dialogue between the off-road cycling community and other trail users, educating bikers to minimize its impact on the environment, organizing the maintenance of the paths by volunteers and acting as an intermediary with local authorities and sponsoring the development of new projects.