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ASD Machete Team

The trails of the Natisone Bike Arena have been created over the last ten years by the hands of various subjects who were not coordinated with each other, but with MTB as a common denominator. The growing interest in the practice of MTB in all its variants (cross country, enduro, freeride, e-bike, cycle tourism) has led to join the forces and to organize themselves in a more structured way. In this sense, the ASD Machete Team was officially born in 2019 but has existed for much longer as a group of friends united by a passion for MTB. Subsequently, he began to create, organize and manage off-road routes, mainly oriented to the practice of enduro.

Currently, most of the trails in the Valli del Natisone are managed by the ASD Machete Team, by virtue of agreements with the local Mountain Community, the Giulio-Carnica-Trails Commission of the CAI and with the patronage of various Municipalities, including Pulfero, San Pietro al Natisone and Torreano.

The Machete Team, in the creation and management of the trails, has always worked according to the rules of IMBA-ITALIA (International Mountain Bicycling Association), of which it shares and supports the “mission”.

Machete Team also collaborates in the organization of many sporting events, both MTB and others, which take place in the Valli del Natisone. First of all, the now classic 749 Avalanche (formerly Matadown), the downhill marathon race that has been running for ten years from the top of Mount Matajur.

ASD Valchiaro’

ASD VALCHIARO ‘was founded in Torreano in 1989 by a group of MTB enthusiasts and, thanks to a great organizational and promotional commitment. In a short time it becomes one of the best known and most famous clubs in Friuli. In addition to the competitive aspect, the association is particularly known for having arranged and made practicable numerous trails right in the Torreano area. The original purpose of this work was above all to make the races that the team organizes every year more technical and spectacular. Subsequently, it led to the creation of a network of trails that attracts, throughout the year, a large number of enthusiasts who come to Torreano knowing that they will always find clean and signposted trails.

natisone bike arena team

Riders Brothers Crew

Riders Brothers Crew is an amateur sports association that promotes different types of activities that are divided into two macro families: outdoor and indoor. For indoor we consider all the initiatives that are developed within the premises such as courses, flea market, self-service bike workshop for members and a recreational cultural club dedicated to MTB. By outdoor activities we mainly mean the activity of trail building with the creation and re-opening of old trails. In addition, we also organize bike shuttles and tourist MTB excursions.

Riders Brothers Crew supports and is part of IMBA Italia (International Mountain Bicycling Association Italy) an organization with which it shares the mission by working together for a mountain bike friendly Italy, increasing the diversity of cycling and the quality of MTB communities.